Who’s next? Simplify and prioritize your waitlist with myCardiacHealth.

Cardiac care providers need a solution that goes beyond traditional methods. The challenges are growing with increased wait lists, aging population, reduced staff, and increased clinical workloads. To address this challenge, care providers need mechanisms and tools to accurately risk-stratify incoming referrals to determine patient acuity and appropriateness, all while streamlining processes to reduce clinical load and optimize administrative coordination.

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Simultaneously, service requestors need ways to submit requisitions and communicate with specialists in real-time, as well as receive feedback on appropriateness, and recommendations for other investigations that may be needed.

myCardiacHealth is designed to enhance and evolve the referral and waitlist journey for all cardiovascular tests and procedures.

myCardiacHealth is Software as a Service (SaaS) product which addresses these problems for Cardiovascular Clinicians.

  • Determining equitable and appropriate access to tests and procedures.
  • Enrich patient information and complete the circle of care.
  • Contemporaneously assess the patient by geography, acuity, number, etc…
  • Reduce clinical load by automating and streamlining processes.
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myCardiacHealth has proven to provide improvement processes and appropriateness and is supported by Eastern Health (NL) and the CanHealth network.

With increasing costs and demands on the healthcare system, clinics must continuously strive to reduce inefficiencies. In addition to improving the referral pathway, myCardiacHealth helps cardiovascular clinics determine which patients are the most acute and what test and procedures are appropriate.

myCardiacHealth provides:

  • Clinical decision support
  • Process governance and process automation
  • Risk stratification (acuity and appropriateness)
  • Care coordination & integration
  • Real-time process and outcome Monitoring
  • Asynchronous communication with referring providers and patients
  • Data Analytics
  • Value-based approach

Demand for cardiovascular
care is substantial and increasing,
often outstripping capacity to
provide service, leading increasing
wait times and risk to patients.


“I hope everyone had a nice weekend. From below, you can see the patients waiting on bed placement for cath lab. We have several patients waiting >10 days. Two have been requested since last weekend.”

“As you can see below we have several patients waiting > 10 days. Two of which are 20 or over. Is there a way we can see patients transferred into the Cath Lab today?”

“We currently have 3 patients waiting on Cath Lab services from Western who have been waiting 11-17 days since information was faxed. Anything you can do today to support their transfer in for service would be greatly appreciated”

“Wondering if you can follow up on this for me. We have multiple patients in our facility that have been waiting as high as 21 days for a bed at Health Science.”

What people are saying about our solution:



“I just wanted to reach out and say thank you for the steady flow of Cath lab patients this week!”

Dr. Sean Connors - Clinical Chief
Cardiac Critical Care, Eastern Health

“I need to know, who do I see next? myCardiacHealth tells me this!”