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Who We Are

We are a team of technology experts and front-line clinicians on a mission to transform the way healthcare is delivered by implementing innovative technology solutions in healthcare settings.

A natural extension of MOBIA Technology Innovations, MOBIA Health was established in response to the technology gap in healthcare. Working with clients in front-line healthcare, who were looking for solutions to improve the way healthcare is delivered, visionary consultants from MOBIA recognized the need for digital transformation in this important sector.

Forming a team with front-line clinicians with deep knowledge of the challenges and opportunities to transform processes and outcomes in healthcare, these visionaries established MOBIA Health.

Today, our thriving team of clinicians, developers, business analysts, systems architects, data scientists and project managers focuses on designing and implementing innovative technology solutions to transform healthcare.

What We Do

Working collaboratively, our clinicians and technology experts develop innovative technology solutions to transform processes and outcomes in healthcare.

Focusing on Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions, our technology team brings our clinicians’ innovative healthcare ideas to life. Together, we create innovative solutions for customers all over the world, including Canada, the USA, the UK, Europe, and Australia.

To date, we’ve transformed processes and outcomes at countless healthcare institutions with our innovative SaaS solutions, SurgeCon, myCardiacHealth. We continue to look for new ways to innovate in this industry. Have a unique healthcare challenge? Get in touch and let’s innovate together!

Why We Do It

Still grappling with the effects of a global pandemic, the healthcare industry has never been under more pressure, yet it’s one of the few industries that has not harnessed the power of technology to improve processes and outcomes.

Working with clients across retail, telecommunications, and manufacturing, MOBIA has helped transform countless businesses through innovation and seen the positive impact of each of these transformations. We see an opportunity to do the same for healthcare.

With deep insight from experienced front-line clinicians and unmatched technology expertise from seasoned technology experts, MOBIA Health aims to bridge the technology gap in healthcare. By streamlining processes through digital transformation, we work to take pressure off of healthcare providers and improve the way healthcare is delivered.


Rob Lane

Rob Lane - CEO

As CEO, Rob oversees and drives strategic growth for Mobia Technology Innovations. Over the past 33 years, he has grown the company from a team of 5 employees to over 700 employees across Canada, overseen three corporate transformations, rebranded (ARCOM Electronics to MOBIA) all while ensuring that people—the MOBIA team & customers—are at the core of all MOBIA does. It’s this commitment to people that inspired Rob to establish MOBIA Health and improve healthcare for clinicians and patients alike.

Nevin Pick - President

Nevin Pick is a Technology leader with over 25 years of experience developing and implementing complex enterprise solutions for customers in industries such as Aviation, Telecomm, Retail, and Healthcare. Nevin’s background as a Software Developer, Technical Architect, Project Manager and Business Leader provides a rounded view when leading teams delivering custom enterprise e-business applications.

Nevin’s passion is to bring to healthcare the digital transformation that other industries have already experienced. Allowing Healthcare to stand on the shoulders of leading innovations and empowering clinicians to find new solutions to face their critical problems and improve the health outcomes of patients.

Nevin Pick
Paul Norman

Paul Norman, RN -
VP of Clinical Processes

Paul is a registered nurse working for emergency services in Eastern, NL. Paul is currently Co-founder & CEO of SurgeCon Innovations Inc. and the director of nursing at CIRRIS Carbonear Institute for Rural Reach and Innovation by the Sea. Holding a bachelor’s degree in Nursing from Memorial University, Centre for Nursing Studies. He has over 10 years of experience working in Emergency Nursing and Critical Care. He has been working with staff at the frontline to engage in the process improvement, to ensure successful implementation of LEAN strategies. This work has since been extended to reach emergency services throughout the province of Newfoundland and Labrador. Paul has co-authored several peer-reviewed articles on emergency department operations. As well as being asked to contribute on many platforms including local, regional, provincial, and national speaking engagements.

Dr. Chris Patey,
- VP of Innovation

With over twenty years of experience in rural emergency and community medicine, Dr. Christopher Patey requires and values connection, with a passion for process improvement and innovation.

Leading as Clinical Chief of Carbonear, NL ED he focused on emergency department patient flow to improve patient access. He co-created SurgeCon as an integrating software and clinical process tool for ED improvement. In 2016, he was appointed as Assistant Professor with Memorial Faculty of Medicine, and has been nominated as Co-Principal Investigator in a $4.8 million CIHR Research grant research of SurgeCon implementation. In 2017 with a desire to encouraging grassroots rural research, he formed CIRRIS (Carbonear Institute for Rural Reach and Innovation by the Sea) a Not-For-Profit to advance rural research and local community health projects where he serves as CEO. In 2018 with a corporate requirement to connect medical services and improved patient access, he joined FoneMed an international telehealth company, as Medical Director for Canada.

He obtained a Bachelor of Science from Mount Allison University, graduated Medical School from Memorial University of Newfoundland and later completed his Family Medicine Residency at McMaster Family Medicine North in Thunder Bay, Ontario. He is a Fellow of the College of Family Physicians of Canada, and a Fellow in the Rural and Remote Medicine. He is the President of the College of Family Physician of Newfoundland and Labrador. He lives in St. John’s, Newfoundland with his most amazing wife and three children.

Chris Patey


People are at the centre of everything we do at MOBIA Health. As a result, we believe that we can accomplish more if we work together. Strong partnerships enable us to drive maximum impact in healthcare. We proudly partner with: